ASI Controls - Project List

This list of projects describes some of the many sites in which ASI Control Systems are installed and operating. ASI Controls systems are installed by independent system integrators and value added resellers, so this list is not complete. 





Worcester Commons Fashion Outlet, Worcester, MA

New England Development provides 1.5 million square feet of retail and office space.  American Energy Management (AEM), the system integrator, installed an ASI Control System to control the main plant rooms, the offices and the mall common areas.  AEM also installed controllers for 100 mall lighting zones, the boilers and the main plant (3 steam boilers and 4 chillers).  Air handlers include supply and exhaust fan tracking. 


Outside measuring carbon dioxide as a marker, and regulating the outside air dampers to provide just enough outside air to meet ventilation requirements as occupancy changes during the day control air for ventilation.  This avoids heating or cooling more outside air than necessary for ventilation.


More than 140 zones of VAV control are provided for tenant spaces and common areas. Four networked (Ethernet) workstations with ViewPort Graphical User Interfaces are provided for mall management, security and maintenance.

Other Projects include:

Aekyung Department Store                            Seoul, South Korea

Cimaco                                                        Torreon, Mexico

Cimaco                                                        Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Department Store Chain                                Nationwide

Hardware Store Chain                                   Nationwide

Mall of New Hampshire                                New Hampshire

Oxxo                                                            Monterrey, NL

Rockingham Mall                                     Rockingham, MA

Santa Fe Springs Mall                                    Santa Fe Springs, CA

Solomon Pond Mall                                 Marlborough, MA

Square One Mall                                           Saugus, MA 

Stamford Town Center                                  Stamford, CT



Ashland Chemical Company – Fort Worth, TX

ASIC/2-7040 controllers monitor production and control Class 10, Class 100 and Class 5000 clean room environments.  Larry Kaprellian, maintenance supervisor at Ashland Chemical, cited programming flexibility and ease of system expansion as key reasons why Ashland chose this control system over other competitive offerings.  Dyna-Service Corporation, A Temsco Authorized Contractor, installed the system.

Temsco provided engineering assistance and back up.


Durel Manufacturing Plant, Mesa, AZ

Durel Corporation, an affiliate of 3M and Rogers Corporation is a world leader in the production of electro-luminescent lamps and displays found in such products as Timex Indiglo™ watches and Ford automobiles. Its Chandler, AZ production facility requires careful control and monitoring of the environment. 


The air conditioning and refrigeration systems are controlled by an ASI Control System complete with an InTouch Windows based HMI.  Critical temperature and humidity conditions throughout the complex are closely controlled and monitored by this system. An alarm system, with audible and visible cues, alerts the staff to any potential problems.  


Burt Burnett designed and installed the ASI system for Durel.



Panasonic Manufacturing Facility – Tijuana, BC

ASIC/2-7040 configurable controllers have been installed to control the air conditioning and lighting in this 500,000 square feet facility.  The same controllers are also used to monitor up time and three different types of down time at each insertion station on the production line.  This information is accumulated in the controllers, and is also available for graphical display at the InTouch HMI in the building, and via microwave link to the corporate headquarters across the border in San Diego.  This automation system was designed and installed by ACE in Tijuana.



Other Industrial Projects include:

Abbott Labs AP32 Bldg.                                Chicago, IL      

Allen Research                                              Cincinnati, OH

Augat                                                           Seattle, WA

Baxter                                                          Mexicali, BC, Mexico

Binney & Smith                                            Allentown, PA

Cervezeria Cuahtemoc                                  Navajoa, Mexico

Cervezeria Cuahtemoc                                  Tecate, BC, Mexico

Chatham Mills                                              Elkin, NC         

China Airline- Cathay Pacific Catering            CKS Int’l Airport, Taiwan Chosun Brewery Plant                             Kwangju, Korea

Compania Armadora (GE)                             Ciuadad Juarez, Mexico

Compaq                                                      various sites, MA

Conexant                                                      Mexicali, BC, Mexico

Crydom                                                       Tijuana, Mexico

Dow Chemical                                              Midland, MI

Galey and Lord                                             Shannon, GA

General Motors Cadillac Bldg.                        Detroit, MI         

JVC                                                             Tijuana, BC, Mexico

Kenmex                                                       Mexicali, BC, Mexico

Konica Manufacturing                                   Greensboro, NC

Kyungwon Cold Storage Co.                          Across Korea

Leviton                                                        Tijuana, BC, Mexico

Motorola                                                      Mansfield, MA

News Corporation - Wapping             London, England

Orbital Engines                                             Tecumseh, MI     

Panasonic                                                     Tijuana, Mexico

Pohang Iron and Steel Co.                             Seoul, Korea

Seagate Technologies                                    Oklahoma City, OK

Texscan                                                       Ciuadad Juarez, Mexico



Office Buildings

Phoenix Plaza – Phoenix, AZ

There are about 1,200 fan powered VAV terminals between the twin towers at Phoenix Plaza.  Engineered Automation Systems Inc. of Tustin, CA were pioneers with the design of this digital control system.  Recently Mechanical Maintenance has started to install ASIC/2 configurable controllers to upgrade the control of the AHUs, and to add DDC to the retail section of this facility.  An InTouch Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides a clear overview of conditions in the building.

191 Peachtree – Atlanta, GA

This prestigious high rise in the center of Atlanta has about 1,500 Titus fan powered VAV terminals controlled by ASIC/1 controllers.  Speed of the fans in the terminals can be adjusted with a laptop plugged into a wall mounted temperature sensor, or remotely from the system HMI.   American Energy Management has retrofitted the control of the AHUs, Cooling Towers, and Chillers providing ASIC/2 configurable controllers and a Viewport HMI.

Sanwa Bank Building - Los Angeles

This 52 story high rise at Wilshire and Figueroa developed by Hines contains 1,500 ASIC/1 controllers for the fan powered variable air volume terminals to maintain the highest level of tenant comfort.  ASIC/2 controllers are now being applied by Diversified Automation to retrofit the control of the air handling units and main plant.

Nankang Software Park

Century Development Co. of Taiwan has created a state of the art complex for software developers, with over 10,000 individually controlled zones.  The area of the first phase is about 1.5 million square feet.  Low temperature air is ducted under floor to individually controlled variable air volume diffusers.  Extensive use is made of thermal energy storage to spread the electrical demand.  There are about 35,000 points in the Binary Information Network System.  HC Yu & Associates of Richmond, VA designed the mechanical, electrical and control systems.  Sinotek Controls the system integrator has provided about 2,000 ASIC/2 configurable controllers for this remarkable project.  Antech was the automation contractor for this project.  ASI Controls has again been selected for  Software Park phase two.

343 Sansome Street – San Francisco

This building in the Financial District of San Francisco was fitted with Titus fan powered VAV terminals and ASIC/1 controllers in 1990.  The control system for the air handling units and main plant has been upgraded by AEM using ASIC/2 configurable controllers and Viewport software as the new HMI for the building.

Office Buildings (continued)


Korea Electronics Co.  - Seoul

An ASI Building Management System designed and installed by Century Co controls the KEC high-rise complex in Seoul. The system includes 7,000 hardware points and over 10,000 software points.


InTouch Graphic User Interface workstations provide building engineers with a full operating, alarming, maintenance and reporting system. All applications are provided in Korean Language. The system uses industry standard 10MB Ethernet connections between ASI-Net network servers.


Century Air Handling Units (AHUs) located on each floor are controlled by ASIC/2-7040 controllers.  Control includes variable frequency drives for supply and return fans, enthalpy control for the mixing dampers, modulating valves for the heating and cooling coils, and the steam humidifier. More than 650 ASIC/1 terminal unit controllers maintain comfort in tenant spaces while constantly communicating with their respective AHU’s.


There are two Century absorption chillers rated at 400RT each, and an ice-on-coil Ice Storage System utilizing a three-stage Century screw compressor of 80RT. These systems incorporate factory-fitted ASIC/2-7040 controllers and DAK-002 Display and Keypads. The Century cooling towers on the penthouse level of each building are also controlled by ASIC/2-7040 Controllers.


Each floor electrical room is provided with an ASIC/2 Controller responsible for providing control of electrical supply to the floor. The controller also provides local metering of energy and power at each floor. Floor occupancy is recorded at the ASIC/2 Controller.


Alaska Electric Light and Power HQ - Juneau, AK

This innovative building uses ground source heat pumps and a heat reclaim system to provide a comfortable environment at the highest possible efficiency. The system is fully controlled and monitored by an ASI Control system on each heat pump. The central plant is controlled based on the conditions in the zones. An InTouch GUI provides full information for each heat pump including extensive logging of energy usage and Coefficient of Performance for individual heat pumps and the entire system.  NCS Corporation installed the energy management and control system.


Office Buildings (continued)

Other Office Buildings include:

1 Detroit Center,                                           Detroit, MI

1221 Brickell Avenue                                    Miami, FL

222 Berkeley                                                Boston, MA

450 Lexington Avenue Bldg.                          New York City, NY

801 I Street (GSA)                                       Sacramento, CA

9665 Wilshire Blvd.                                      Beverly Hills, CA

Banco Popular                                              Quito, Ecuador

Barnett Bank Building                                   Coral Gables, FL

Bristol Myers Squibb                         Princeton, NJ

CalTrans (Department of Transportation)       Sacramento, CA

Cementos de Mexico                                     Monterrey, NL

Citibank                                                       Quito, Ecuador

Citiplaza                                                       Quito, Ecuador

Colonial Properties                                       Birmingham, AL

Custom House Quay Project                          Dublin, Eire

Gateway Plaza-National Mutual                     Sydney, Australia

Korea Highways Department                         Seoul, Korea

Leeds Permanent BS                                Huddersfield,  UK        

Litton Solid State                                          Santa Clara, CA

Mattel Toys                                                  El Segundo, CA 

Metro Center                                                Foster City, CA 

Milano III                                                     Milan, Italy      

Morgan Stanley - Canary Wharf                     London Docklands, U.K.

Net Properties                                              Boston, MA

North Alamos Court                                      Paradise Valley, AZ     

Norwest Center                                            Minneapolis, MN

Oakport Building                                           Oakland, CA    

OKI Semiconductor                                      Mountain View, CA

Orange County Water District                        Fountain Valley, CA    

Pacific Park Plaza                                         Honolulu, HI

Philip Morris                                    Richmond, VA

Racal-Milgo                                                  Miami, FL         

Rational Software                                         Cupertino, CA

Ravinia III                                                    Atlanta, GA         

Royal Insurance                                            London, England       

Salt River Project                                          Phoenix, AZ

Shell / Post Oak Towers                                Houston, TX 

Snapple Beverages                                       Long Island, NY     

Southwest China Telecomms Center              Sichuan P.R.C.

Southgate Centre                                          Melbourne, Australia         

USAA Building                                             Sacramento, CA     

Victoria Square Building                               Birmingham, UK

World Trade Center                                      Guayaquil, Ecuador

World Trade Center                                      Quito, Ecuador


North Little Rock Schools – Little Rock, AR

Universal Mechanical has installed hundreds of ASIC/1-8255 and –8355 pre-programmed controllers on fan coil units and packaged air conditioners for various schools in this District.  Universal has developed an InTouch HMI that provides a clear overview of conditions in every classroom from the District’s central maintenance offices.  Remote communication with the schools is currently via telephone modems, and will later take advantage of the school district’s future wide-area network.

Delta College – Stockton, CA

Systems Associates Inc. (SAI) installed 500 ASIC/1 and several ASIC/2 controllers at Delta College in the San Joaquin Valley.  The controllers are all networked using fiber provided by the college to an Energy 2.0 front end.  SAI uses the Internet exclusively for communicating with the project from their base in Bowling Green, OH.

Universidad Autonoma – Cd. Juarez

The University has installed a network of ASIC/2-8040 configurable controllers to reduce energy consumption by careful scheduling operation of air conditioning and lighting. The Plant Engineering Department of the University designed the system and configured the controllers.  Payback is just under one year.  The system will be extended to encompass additional buildings and to add demand control.  TAESE provided the ASI products and training to the University.

Other Educational Projects include:

Alum Rock Schools                                       San Jose, CA

Amherst Schools                                           Amherst, MA

California State University LB                       Long Beach, CA

Chaffey School District                                 Riverside, CA

Clark University                                       Massachusetts

Euclid Schools District                                   Cleveland, OH     

Greensboro Day School                                Greensboro, NC     

Groton School                                              Groton, MA

Lycee                                                          Dreux, France           

M.I.T.                                                         Cambridge, MA     

North Little Rock High School                       Little Rock, AR

Oxnard School District                                  Oxnard, CA

Portland High School                        Portland, MI   

Saunders Middle School                                Chantilly, VA  

University of California SC                            Santa Cruz, CA 

University of California SF                            San Francisco, CA

University of Houston                                   Houston, TX 

University of Michigan - Pro Bldg.                 Ann Arbor, MI     

University of Michigan-Facilities                     Ann Arbor, MI     

University of Oklahoma                                 Norman, OK 

Washington University                                  St. Louis, MI

Wayne St. University of Science                    Detroit, MI



Anaheim Hilton and Towers - Anaheim, CA

The Anaheim Hilton and Towers is a prime convention and conference hotel located close to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. The hotel has more than 1700 rooms, 7 restaurants and lounges, and other public areas for a total of 1.48 million sq. ft.  Systems Associates installed an ASI Control System with Energy 2.0 Software in 1994 to replacing the previous electronic control system.  The hotel’s mechanical system including 3 boilers, 4 chillers and 35 constant and variable volume air handling systems is under the full control of this system. Three separate electricity meters are used to measure and control the hotel demand.


The system is saving about 9% by energy optimization; equivalent to about $125,000 per year in avoided energy costs.



Other Hotel Projects include:

Hotel Oro Verde                                           Guayaquil, Ecuador

Hotel Hilton Colon                                        Quito, Ecuador

Hotel Sheraton Four Points                            Quito, Ecuador

Hotel Radisson                                             Quito, Ecuador

Northland Inn and Conf. Center                    Minneapolis, MN

Presidente Hotel Intercontinental                    Cancún, Mexico

Paradisus Riviera                                          Cancún, Mexico

Swissotel                                                      Quito, Ecuador

The Palmer House (a Hilton Hotel)                Chicago, IL

The Chicago Hilton                                       Chicago, IL

The San Francisco Hilton                              San Francisco, CA

The New York Hilton                                   New York, NY

The Peaks                                                    Telluride, CO

Health Care


Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian – Newport Beach, CA

Hoag Hospital is one of the premier hospitals in Southern California.  Flaring off the natural gas on site made a conspicuous landmark for travelers on the Pacific Coast Highway.  After twenty years service the original mechanical systems and the control and automation was outdated and ready for replacement.  Doug Koehler, Director of Engineering for Hoag, wanted a new energy management and control system that would take advantage of the LAN and WAN recently installed by the Hospital’s MIS department. The Hospital stipulated that all the controllers to be furnished for their project be 100% compatible with Microsoft Windows and NT based software.  Diversified Automation installed ASIC/2 configurable controllers for the central plant.  ASIC/1 terminal controllers have since been installed for zone control in various areas.  The natural gas that used to be flared off is now used to fuel the boilers.   Consulting engineers were J.L. Hengstler and Associates.


Other Hospital Projects include:


222 West Thomas Medical Building               Phoenix, AZ

Beaumont Hospital                                        Detroit, MI

Childrens Hospital                                         Cincinnati, OH

Harvard Community Health Center                Boston, MA     

Hospital de Solca                                          Quito, Ecuador

Hutzel Hospital                                             Detroit, MI         

Medical Office Building                                 Allentown, PA

Nethersole Hospital                                       Hong Kong

St. Josephs Hospital                                      Houston, TX

St. Judes Hospital                                         Orange County, CA

Three Medical Park Building                          Columbia SC

UCSF Library                                               San Francisco, CA

University of Michigan Hospital                     Ann Arbor, MI

US Army Hospital                                         Fort Campbell, KY

US Army Hospital                                         Fort Polk, LA

US Army Hospital                                         Fort Stewart, GA

US Army Hospital                                         Fort Hood, TX

US Army Hospital                                        Fort Carson, CO

VA Hospital                                                  Boston, MA

Walter Reed American Medical Center           Washington, DC 


Government and Military


Prince Kuhio Federal Building, Honolulu, HI 

The Prince Kuhio Federal Building in Honolulu is a 2 million square foot facility containing the Federal Court House as well as a number of government agencies. The facility is fully controlled by a an ASI System complete with Energy 2.0 Energy Management software.


ASIC/2 controllers are used to manage all main plant operation.

Other Projects include:

Federal Aviation Administration                      Oklahoma City, OK        

McCord AFB                                               Tacoma, WA

NASA Edwards AFB                        Palmdale, CA      

National Test Facility - Falcon AFB                Colorado Springs, CO    

Taipei City Government Building                   Taipei, Taiwan

Texas State Capitol                                       Austin, TX         

US Army                                                     Fort Hood, TX  

US Military Academy                                    West Point, NY    

US Navy                                                 Mechanicsburg, PA       



Civic and Municipal

Masung Highway Tunnel, Seoul, Korea

The Masung Highway Tunnel project is one of a number of such projects undertaken by the Korea Highways Authority as the country develops its transportation infrastructure.


ASI Controls were selected to take control of the ventilation requirements of the tunnel system. Large “Jet” Fans are switched by the control system based on the levels of pollutants sensed in the tunnel by dedicated visibility and toxicity sensors.


The use of DDE allows a dedicated traffic counting system to be interfaced with the ASI Man-Machine Interface, providing monitoring and logging of the traffic volume, pollution and visibility on a continuous basis. The system is fully operated in the local language.

Other Projects include:

Hong Kong Convention Centre          Hong Kong

Supreme Court                                 Perth, Australia